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Shortcut Virus Remove By Command Prompt

5 Steps for removing shortcut virus from your pen drive through command prompt

>Step 1:
First of all, plug in your virus infected pen drive in the USB port of your computer or laptop.
>>>Step 2:
Press and hold ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ key. This will open the run box. Type cmd and run or enter. This will open the command prompt.

cmd screenshot

>>>Step 3:
Now you need to type the following commands in the command prompt. Make sure here you have to replace h with the letter of your virus infected drive. For checking the drive letter open the My Computer and check the letter in front of your pen drive.

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:\*.*

Note: you have to make sure that there is a space between each element of the above code.


Command for removing Shortcut Virus

>>>Step 4:

After typing the above command press ‘Enter’.

>>>Step 5:

After this wait for a few seconds to completion of the command.


After this open and check your drive, your folders. All the folders should have recovered by now. You can use these folders like you does the others in your computer. This works well as a shortcut virus remover tool. Also it doesn’t take any help from third parties, so you can use it whenever you want.

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How To get computer Details

Go to watch out screen shoot how to find Computer details.


Go to run and type ‘dxdiag’ and press ‘Ok’


Then press ‘Yes’


Save it your target place


Click ‘dxdiag.txt’ and you found your computer details.




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Kiwi Crate and join for Larning


So, as I started to develop creative projects with my kids, I thought, “why not share them with friends, who are also busy?” At playdates, the kids had a bunch of fun, and the parents appreciated having all of the materials and inspiration for the projects provided. Several parents mentioned, “I wish I could do this at home with my kids!”

Kiwi Crate was created to fulfill that wish and to celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity. We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful to spend time building, exploring and creating together. Since its inception, the Kiwi Crate team has grown. We’ve added creative parents who dream up the projects, valued experts who review them, and a community of kid testers who keeps us on our toes and ensures the projects are fun and engaging.

We love working on Kiwi Crate and cherish the involvement that our kids and friends have in bringing the product to life. We’re excited about the opportunity to help provide these types of experiences for your family to share too.

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