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Here’s What It’s Like to Use Microsoft’s Amazing New Holographic Headset


After tickling pint-sized sheep across a coffee table, blowing a holographic hole through a wall and touring the surface of Mars, it seems safe to say that Microsoft’s newly unveiled headset, the HoloLens, marks a major leap forward in the field of virtual reality.

Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens during a Windows 10 press conference at its Redmond, Washington headquarters on Wednesday. Rather than immerse the user in a digital fantasy world, like the Oculus Rift, the HoloLens overlays 3-D images on top of real-world surroundings, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

No recording devices were allowed into the demonstration rooms, which were hidden beneath the ground floor of Microsoft’s Visitor Center and secured behind locked doors. Unlike the sleek, donut-shaped headset unveiled on stage, the prototypes in the demonstration were skeletal contraptions that wrapped around the cranium and included a small computer slung around the neck…

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Setting Mikrotik Wireless Like An Expert

Earn 60% Promoting My Technique How to Start Your Own Business Wireless (isp) And Sell The Service At Your Neighborhood, Town Or City Setting Mikrotik Learning Is A Most Important Skills You Need To Develop To Succeed In Your Isp.



Finally … This Ready MikroTik Training v6 and Ubiquiti AirMax.
“Discover How to configure Mikrotik Wireless in just 5 days v6 & Ubiquiti AirMax Guaranteed!”

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Wpsubscribers – The Premium Wordpress Subscription Plugin

The Complex WordPress Subscription Plugin To Dominate Your Opt-in Email Marketing Campaign.



All The Internet Marketing Gurus Say …“BUILD A LIST!”
Now Do It Soooo Quickly And Easily, Your Visitors Sign Up Before They Know It!

Forget “One Trick” Popup Software,
And Give Your Visitors EVERY Chance To Connect With You …

Hi Friends and Marketers from around the World!

Have you seen these numbers?

They are VERY revealing…

Here’s the breakdown of 10,000 signups…and how they signed up…

  • Popup: 37.8% (Big pop, nice design, big ebook cover)
  • Sidebar: 20% (Text only, graphic subscribe / call to action button)
  • Footer: 19.7% (Text only, graphic subscribe / call to action button)
  • Signup Page: 3.2% (a single, UNLINKED TO squeeze page, similar to popup)
  • Get The Rest Of This: 10.4% (A Special post, with a sign up form in the post…more about this in a bit)

source: Steve Warwick, used with permission

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Database Normalization Ebook

Comprehensive Ebook(r) On Normalization Techniques For General Relational Databases Such As Oracle, Sql Server And Others.


Database Normalization explained.


Understanding and mastering database normalization techniques is essential in order to achieve a high performance database design for your system. If your design doesn’t conform to (at least) the Third Normal Form (3NF), chances are high that you will find it hard to achieve the performance needed for a successful application.

Furthermore, you will find that writing good DML-statements (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE) is difficult, and sometimes actually impossible, without using a lot of procedural coding (PL/SQL in Oracle, VB/C# in Microsoft products).

Many “experts” will tell you that if you do database normalization up to (and including) the Third Normal Form, you’re well off. The Database Normalization eBook shows you that this a far too easy approach, and it is richly documented with graphical Entity Relationship and Server Diagram examples.

Before we proceed, may I ask what is your profession? (If no option matches you, just skip it):

*Systems Analyst/Programmer
*Software Project Manager

  • Software Project managers: Learn to control how your database will meet all project requirements.
  • Systems Analysts and Programmers: Learn how to build high-performing databases allowing clean DML statements that run FAST.
  • Students and Teachers: Learn all there is about the most important database design techniques VERY FAST and in a way even your mother will understand. Students: Outsmart your teachers.

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Fantasy Sports Plugin For Wordpress And Phpfox

Turn Your WordPress Or Phpfox Site Into A Money Making Machine With This Plugin. Fully Customized And Automated System. Complete Turn Key Solution In A $50 Billion Fantasy Sports Niche. Nothing Like This On The Market Today. Start Making Money In Minutes.

Fan Victor

Fantasy sports plugin

Start Making Money in Minutes with a Fantasy Sports Website.

This Fantasy Sports Plugin focuses on the key elements: the product itself, building excitement and monetizing your traffic.

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Completely Automated Turnkey Solution to make money
  • Integrates with PaylPal, just add PayPal ID – Thats it!
  • org certified code
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Card Recovery Professional

Recover Lost Or Deleted Files In 3 Steps. 100% Risk Free! Support All Camera Memory Card, Such As Sd Card, Xd Card, Cf Card, Etc. Support All Camera Brands And Almost All Raw File Formats.


Card Recovery soft

Recover Lost SD Card Under All Conditions

Accidental Deletion Events

  • Delete — “Shift + Del” key entry (with no prior backup)
  • “Delete All” selected in error
  • Selected “Delete” instead of “Save”
  • Recycle Bin erroneously emptied (and no backup)

Accidental Formatting or Reformat (examples of recoverable events)

  • Formatted Media/Device in error
  • Initialized target storage when memory card newly connected
  • Storage device accidentally formatted

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Twitter’s Acquisition Of ZipDial Proves There’s Tech Innovation In Emerging Markets

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